Reasons why home remodeling is a good investment…

Renovating,remodeling,and improving your home can increase overall livability and comfort. Everyone wants to feel a certain amount of security at home.Not to mention that a well maintained home will help cut down on energy costs.

There are many reasons to renovate.One can be to redesign a room to serve a special purpose,like converting a bonus room into a family theater/gaming room.The two most important rooms are the kitchen and bathrooms.these rooms will help you get a nice return on investment,should you decide to sell in the future.Some other areas to address would be replacing your outdated garage door with some thing more upscale.If you enjoy spending time outdoors,a wooden deck will make a nice addition.Family and friends will gather outside to enjoy the peace and serenity of outdoor living space.Have old worn out windows? consider a vinyl replacement.This will also add value to your home and yes once again,help lower those energy bills!

Any exterior remodeling projects such as adding a fresh coat of paint,some brick veneer,adjust your landscaping and some exterior lighting will add to your curb appeal.

Remember your home is your castle.Remodeling will help transform your abode from something dull and boring to your own little piece of paradise…


Exciting new home trends

Thinking about giving your home a new look?? Try some of these ideas…..

1. Painting your kitchen cabinets with a dark color.(hides small imperfections that you otherwise notice with a light color)

2. Adding geometric shapes or patterns to your walls with tile or wallpaper.

3. Add some vintage lighting to a room and give it some character!!

4. Have an accent room with the addition of some retro furniture.

5. One of my favorites is a contemporary fire place